Wendy’s prefers Marvel to DC…or so says whoever is out there in the vast complicated world earning their living by running the fast food hamburger chain’s social media account.

Let’s back up. Popular comics writer Gail Simone has launched a gentle-but-concentrated Twitter campaign to learn where the social media accounts of America’s massive cheap food purveyors stand in the great Marvel vs. DC debate. Some have not responded, others took a really high road, but Wendy’s ran head first into the damn thing, saying “Marvel.”

Within two posts, comics fans showed up to accuse Wendy’s social media account—which is essentially a personified extension of a mass-produced hamburger joint’s blatant corporate interests, mind you—of not being a real fan.

Proving that comics can and will gatekeep corporations too. Here is a brief tally of some of the highlights from this craziness, which if you get deep enough into it will make you wonder what even is America at this point? Debating what’s a scarier notion: corporate social media accounts becoming sentient, or all of us willfully embracing a system that treats them as entities with opinions as vital as those belonging to real human beings. Hmm…


  1. I’m all for gatekeeping corporations and generally shooting down any of their inane social media attempts at being cutesy and personable. They’re marketing. Fuck them. And shame on Gail Simone for encouraging this nonsense.

  2. Yeah, I say challenge the corporations all you want. It’s ridiculous they even play along with these dumb Twitter debates. Props to Little Debbie just wishing for world peace. And minus points to Gail Simone for stirring up more stupidity. The internet already has enough of that.

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