He’s busy cooking up plots, according to a post at Millarworld:

Quite an exciting time right now. MCW is going great guns and redrawing the Marvel U for the next few years. Sadly, I won’t be around to capitalize on all the ideas I’m setting up here, but only because I’m just starting literally months worth of research. I can’t say what I’m reading without giving the game away, but it’s for the big project I’m planning with Hitchy which isn’t quite as simple as just taking over a book. This is a huge commitment for both of us and you’ll understand why I’m being so cagey, probably in early Spring when I think this announcement will be made. But it’s good. It’s very good. And the original title was Civil War (which is where I nicked the title and idea from for that current little sales buster). It’s a THEORETICAL sequel of sorts, but involves a much smaller range of characters. That said, we think it’s going to be much, much bigger than even my little 400K beauty. Again, you’ll understand why in the Spring and all smack youe foreheads collectively. It’s very ambitious.

But two other little projects worth hinting about too. One is a project I’m going to do with Howard Chaykin, six issues for the Marvel Knights line and featuring a well-known Marvel character. The third project is something I’ve wanted to do for years. This is a well-known Marvel book and I’d heard rumours of a creative change and so wanted to place a marker of interest down. It could be another year or so before you see anything (maybe even a little longer), but all going well I’ll get started on this book in late Summer 07. I’m only doing this if we get a hum-dinger of an artist, but have someone in mind and will start making plans soon. Very exciting because it’s a book I like very much.

Vague enough for ya?!?!?!?


PS 1985 is quite distinct from all of the above. I finished it last year and it’s probably due out early Summer 07. It’s just taken a little longer than planned.