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Warren has taken to his bed, so Chip Zdarsky has taken over THE ENGINE. Much mirth and monitor spewing follows:

What does this have to do with The Engine? Not much I suppose. Just that life is good and my home is always seconds away from burning down and while I have places I visit online, nothing feels quite like MY home. One where I can do whatever I want while my real home goes up in flames.

So, I decided to make The Engine my home.

It was surprisingly easy. A few simple emails to the Enforcers, demanding they block Warren and put me in charge was met with the enthusiasm one might expect from children being untied from the woodstove.

So, welcome to CHIP ZDARSKY’S ENGINE. All the normal rules are gonegonegone and random rule shall fill the void as the day goes on.


  1. Chippedbeef: But, as you were. I don’t care about the band…er, banned. Have fun.
    And was that really your Yankee Doodle Dandy?