Tim Leong jumps on this video blogging thing with a look at some of what’s wrong with WIZARD the magazine.


  1. I SOOOO would love to see Wizard just try and defend themselves on this one. Much like their attendance numbers policy, expect to see the “no comment, no recognition of the fact that they’ve been caught being naughty again.”

  2. Does anyone else find it ridiculous that a guy from Comic Foundry–which has pictures of headless young women (one with a “yellow brick road” leading to her crotch) as its covers–takes Wizard to task for putting Angelina Jolie and Jessica Alba on its covers? At least A.J. and J.A. get to have identities. I’d ask Tim himself about this, but his blog is down for maintenence.

    I’ve never read Comic Foundry because the imagery it uses tells me, “This isn’t meant for you.”

  3. While many of his criticisms are accurate (especially the almost litiginous bad taste of using a dead neighbor as a scene-setter in the lead), there’s just something 7th grade about all of this. Immature and, above all, unprofessional. But that’s just me. Maybe people at real magazines act like this all the time, airing their grievances about the competition on YouTube.

    Actually, no, they don’t.

  4. Oh dear god, the lead for that article. As I said as Tim’s blog, he’s fighting CF’s bad cover when he criticizes Wizard, but that lead is unconsciable. Only a full-grown lout can write like that.

  5. I have the same issue about CF’s “headless women” covers thing. I never really thought much about why I’ve never picked up an issue, but that comment hit the nail on the head. When I see a magazine with imagery like that on the cover, I don’t even look at the title or what kind of articles are in it, I just walk on by.

  6. I loathe Wizard.

    I also have heard great things about CF, but their covers make me recoil so much that I’ve yet to read one. Sorry to judge a book by its cover, but…

  7. You know, stepping back from the isssue a minute, this makes me question the whole video-blogging trend. How much more effective would this be as a well-considered essay instead of a stream-of-consciousness, melodramatic (and ultimately affected-seeming) talking-head commentary? I say think before you hit record. There’s a reason most writers stay behind the camera.

  8. And Keith nails on the head what I consider the lie of the great media revolution that video blogging is hinging on. Just because everyone can, doesn’t mean everyone should, because not everyone will be very good at it. While I agree wholeheartedly with all of Tim’s complaints, I agree that his delivery seemed melodramatic and affected. Did Tim intend for it to come off that way? Obviously not. But that’s how some people took it. Just the nature of the beast.