SF’s sole remaining comics show, the Alternative Press Expo, aka APE, kicks off tomorrow at Fort Mason. Guests include Bob Fingerman, Spike, Robert Williams and Paul Pope.Programming is here. 

APE is a fun show, or was when last I went in 2004, but the Bay Area’s soaring rents and general artisanal toast scarfing ‘tude seems to mitigate against the kind of indie comics spirit that the show exhibits. However, as always APE has the best program art, in this case by Faith Erin Hicks.



D&Q sent out a promo for the show: they’re signed copies of The Hospital Suite and Earthling, advances of the new Moomin book, and John Porcellino is on tour in Cali:

John Porcellino is passing through California for two days only! He’s launching his brand new graphic memoir The Hospital Suite, of which the Los Angeles Timessays: “the rawness of Porcellino’s work, its unfiltered directness, is the essence of its charm.”

Both events will consist of a reading, screening of the Root Hog or Diedocumentary about John Porcellino’s life, and a signing.

Wednesday November 19th, 6pm
Cartoon Art Museum, 655 Mission Street in San Francisco

Thursday November 20th, 7 pm
Giant Robot, 2062 Sawtelle Boulevard in Los Angeles


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