It’s Saturday, so let’s have a look at what kind of digital comics sales are going on this weekend.

If you follow these sale guides, you’ll notice I try to point out the things are aren’t on sale as much and this weekend is a prime example of why.

DC is having a “Teen Titans GO!” sale.  It’s really just a Teen Titans sale in all their many forms.  In the last couple weeks, I’ve already recommended a sale on the Wolfman/Perez New Teen Titans and the 360 page Silver Age collection as a value buy.

Marvel also has another sale on All-New Wolverinewhich I’ve recommended recently and I stick by the recommendation.

Dynamite has a new sale that’s slightly different than the previous one.

My top recommendation here is the James Bond graphic novel, Killchain.  I finally read it a couple weeks ago and it’s a real throwback to the Ian Fleming originals as an old foe rears its head in a very modern way.

You can get your Starlin on with Dreadstar: The Beginningwhich collects the material prior to the monthly series starting.  Dreadstar Omnibus collects the first 12 issues of the monthly series.  You don’t have to start with the Epic Illustrated and graphic novel material in The Beginning, but you probably should.  Dreadstar doesn’t get enough hype.

The Shadow Master Series collects the 80s DC run by Andrew Helfer, Bill Sienkiewicz and Kyle Baker.  It starts off slyly satirical and proceeds to go completely over the top in the best way… even if it’s not the most reverential treatment of the character.  Highly recommended.

And there’s a good deal more to it if you want to browse.

Also still going on this weekend.


  1. If you’re a Kyle Baker fan (particularly along the lines of WHY I HATE SATURN and THE COWBOY WALLY SHOW), check out his work in THE SHADOW MASTER SERIES Vols 2-3.

    It’s hilarious, and right up there with Baker’s other works. Helfer was the writer, but the dialogue and the character humor is fully on the Baker wavelength.

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