BOOM! Studios has a very deep digital sale on graphic novels and collected editions.  BOOM! covers a pretty wide variety of genres, so here are a few things that might pique your interest.

I really enjoyed the Planet of the Apes series by Daryl Gregory and Carlos Magno.  It tells the tale of how man lost the ability to speak and features a few surprise revelations as a prequel to the original film continuity.  Speaking of Apes, there are also two volumes of the Planet of the Apes Archives on sale, reprinting the Marvel material from the 70s.

The hot property at Boom! right now is Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Irredeemable is Mark Waid and Peter Krause telling an apocalyptic superhero tale for which the elevator pitch could be “what if Superman had a psychotic break?”  It’s good.

Mouse Guard is on sale:

And a final suggestion that flew under a lot of radars.  Deathmatch is vintage Paul Jenkins with Carlos Magnos doing the art on a “let’s go there” variation on superheroes being kidnapped and forced to fight to the death gladiator style.  It’s pretty dark, but it’s a more complete examination of that scenario than you typically would see in a DC/Marvel Event and I can recommend it as a Vertigo-esque take on capes.

There’s a lot more on sale, so feel free to do some browsing on your own.


  1. I love these posts, however it would be great if instead of only linking to Amazon you also linked to Comixology. I always have to do searches based on your suggestions as I never buy direct from amazon if the prices are the same.

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