There’s a wide-ranging Fantagraphics sale going on right now.  It’s pretty deep, so here are a few things you might want to take a look at:

My Favorite Thing is Monsters scored big at the Eisner Awards and conveniently tops the sale list.

Fantagraphics has several classic comic strips on sale.  Do you like Peanuts?  You can load up on the series.  Barnaby is about a boy and his fairy godfather… by Crockett Johnson, who’s best known for Harold and the Purple Crayon.  Krazy Kat is the very definition of an iconic strip. Mickey Mouse had a famous comic strip that was more of an adventure strip back in the day.  Finally, there’s the stellar work of the enlisted man’s cartoonist, Bill Mauldin and his Willie & Joe.

There’s The Carl Barks Library for Donald Duck and Uncle Scrooge.

The Steve Ditko Archives reprint some of Ditko’s pre-Marvel work.

But it’s a large sale, so it’s also worth your time to do a little browsing.


  1. Also, lots of LOVE & ROCKETS and Fletcher Hanks. Unfortunately, Fantagraphics hasn’t released Roy Crane’s BUZ SAWYER strips to digital.

    (They haven’t released PRINCE VALIANT, either, but I *love* the printed versions of those books, and I’m unconvinced that they’d be well-represented or easily read digitally.)

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