Much Fantastic Four news rounded up at Cinematical, including this Flickr set spy report with super secret pictures of the wedding of…SUE STORM and REED RICHARDS! Here’s Sue escorted by her hot-headed brother Johnny Storm. Gosh, she’s pretty!
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But of course, whenever superheroes are wed, a supervillain is such to interrupt, complaining of the lack of rumaki being served at the reception. And look, it’s the Incredible Hulk crashing the party! Oh no, Sue and Johnny! Look out! It’s the Incredible Hulk!
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The Hulk has lost weight, looks like, but we bet he’s still a lean, mean, green fighting machine. His radioactive fueled fury is going to bust up this wedding and leave nothing but smoking ruins! Til death do them part, and if the Hulk has his say, that’s TODAY!

What’s that you say, it’s not the Incredible Hulk? It’s Doug Jones as the Silver Surfer in green screen garb?

Never mind.


  1. Funny, my first reaction was that it was the Impossible Man.

    You know, I might actually pay money to see a FF movie completely subverted by the Impossible Man, now that I think of it.