Disney 468X968Employees at Paris Disneyland have made dozens of furries’ dreams come true by staging a sordid mouse-on-mouse sex orgy:

The footage, which is certain to be banned from Disney’s official merchandise, shows Goofy grabbing Minnie Mouse from behind.

She pulls herself away, but is then cornered for more fake sex with a giant snowman.

In another scene, Mickey Mouse, the children’s favourite, gets in on the act with the snowman.

The footage–which can be found widely on the internet under the title “Mouse Orgy”–is so despicable and shocking that you can click on the image for a larger picture so you can see how shocking and despicable it is. We know that this material will be damaging to the sensitive natures of our audience, but we feel that the public good is best served by allowing our readers to judge for themselves just how shocking and sordid these photos are in the privacy of their own homes.

[Link via Colleen]