Diva Coping Mechanisms has a lengthy report on the first day of ICAF:

The first day of the International Comics Arts Festival was ok. I knew it would there would be a low turn out given the fact you’re talking about comics….AND using the theories of Pierre Bordieu to discuss about panelling. Most of us were overweight and with glasses. The discussions were about French comics and then an insightful series on manga. But, what I truly enjoyed was when a librarian for the Library of Congress discussed about the collection of comics in the world’s biggest and most extensive library. They have more than 150,000 titles and she was apologetic that due to budget contraints, they were not able to get all issues. They do have a facsimile of Action Comics no. 1, but not the expensive original. She, however, blurted out, “We have to have Wonder woman, of course!â€? I love her fat ass already.

Brien Fies reports on the Quills complete with many cool pictures.

Location, Location, Location: The first omen that it might not be our night came when we were seated in the balcony. We reassured ourselves that was only because Abrams is a small publishing house that had RSVPed late. The view was nice. Had we won, it would’ve been a short, easy trot down a few steps to the stage. But, in fact, I observed over the evening that none of the winners emerged from the balcony. Thus, should you ever find yourself in a similar situation, I think you can rely on this rule of thumb: If there is a flight of stairs between you and your potential award, you ain’t getting one.