Ehud Lavski is a sometime cartoonist and screenwriter, and he has a bunch of often clever comics posted on his tumblr. His latest is called The Secret Room and it quickly racked up 100K views on Reddit if you go by that thing. It involves a couple who find a secret room in their apartment. What happens after that is very conceptual and not what you expect.

This comic plays into what is actually a very common dream that almost everyone I know who lives in a Crappy Little New York City apartment has had at one time: you find a secret room in your 250 sq ft apartment; the new roomis like TriBeCa loft size, and has high ceilings and exposed brick and moldings and wainscotting, maybe even an alcove, and everything in life is wonderful after that. I’ve had this dream many times, and it goes on and on with me decorating and planning and explaining to everyone that it was there all the time I don’t know how I missed it, and all my problems have been solved…and then I wake up. And every time, I’m so sad.

Anyway, The Secret Room by Ehud Lavski.


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