How had we not noticed that Darryl Cunningham has been serializing a comics biography of Ayn Rand over at Act–i-vate?

Brit cartoonist Cunningham is the author of two of the best non fiction comics of the last few years, "How to Fake a Moon Landing: Exposing the Myths of Science Denial" (Darryl Cunningham) and "Psychiatric Tales: Eleven Graphic Stories About Mental Illness" (Darryl Cunningham). YOU can buy digital versions of both of these via the Sequential iPad app as well.

Rand’s life story is full of drama and self importance. The above is only page two and already you sense disaster coming. Cunningham is 63 pages in so poor a nice cup of exceptionalism tea and settle in for a read.

Cunningham is also working on a nonfiction graphic book about the financial crisis of 2008. He says it will

It will look at how the market in derivatives, and especially credit swop derivatives, caused the crash in the financial markets. It will explain, clearly, and in some depth, what these derivatives are, how and why they were developed, and how bad debt in the US housing market brought down the system.

It will look at the failure of austerity measures to solve the UK’s economic problems and how these measures are being used to roll back the welfare state, creating further inequality. 

It will look at how inequality in a society is bad for all in a population, including the very rich. 

Rand will also be covered in this book. Nothing controversial here. Here’s a page.


  1. Next week is the last episode of the Rand Bio.
    That’s not all that’s going on though…oh goodness me no!
    David Klein’s stunning ‘The Golem’s Voice” http://activatecomix.com/140-1-1.comic just wrapped up.
    And while you’re there you should really look at Ellen Lindner’s beautiful “Black Feather Falls” http://activatecomix.com/158-1.comic

    Oh and Nick Bertozzi is back on Persimmon Cup ( YES!) http://activatecomix.com/29-7-4.comic

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