I noticed this morning that they hadn’t updated and that, coupled with the recent editor search, sent my Heidi sense tingling and yes indeed, MTV Geek is no more.

Friends and fellow geeks — We’re shutting up shop and heading to the great arcade in the sky.

Our friends over at MTV News will provide continued coverage of ComicCon, your favorite geek movies, video games and more. Thanks to everyone for the great run.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.

MTV Geek launched with some fanfare a few years ago by MTV’s Tom Akel as both a news site and a publishing platform but never really found its footing with somewhat generic content despite the best efforts of Alex Zalben, Patrick Reed, Three Geek Chicks and more.

This year we already saw the death and resurrection of Comics Alliance, and many other comics sites changing, altering merging and going away, including Blog@Newsarama, SFX and iFanboy. It’s a tough business. And let’s face it, weird pictures of celebrities your mother used to trim belly fat are where it’s at now.



(Shakes puny fist.)

UPDATE: Hm, that New York Post geek blog, Parallel Worlds, is also rebooting and rebranding or…something:

Because YOU demanded it! In the tradition of all great comic books, we’re REBOOTING with a new secret identity — that won’t be secret for much longer. Meanwhile, feel free to friend me, at www.facebook.com/dgreenfield7.

This was accompanied by a picture of Doctor 13.


  1. Yeah, it’s like yogurt shops. It stopped being a great idea when everyone opened a yogurt shop at the same time. Some of us (the sad, pathetic, and/or obsessive) do it for love. Well, love and swag.

  2. Well, I tend to get my news via the baleen filters of Google News.

    So, most of the cinematic stuff… I ignore.

    And didn’t the Post just launch Parallel Worlds?

  3. I have to say how thankful I am for the people that were involved as, apart from being an excellent blog in general, they gave Yoe Books–from Popeye to our horror and Ditko collections–and myself a lot of love. That was a great encouragement. I wish each and everyone the very best and truly hope each talented individual lands on their feet! XOXOX

  4. I think you’re diminishing the role of Valerie d’Orazio as the site’s editor-in-chief for over 2 1/2 years.When she left, I feel like the spirit of the site died too.

  5. Best of luck to them finding new employment.

    Unfortunately, I foresee this happening more and more to the comics/games/genre fiction journalism scene. Ad block and falling rates are eventually going to leave industry sponsored organizations like Gamestop’s Game Informer magazine/website as the last man standing.

    I think there will always be a fan blog scene in some form or other, but I don’t know if that will translate into a paycheck for more than maybe a handful of people.

  6. Meh. NO big loss.
    As you point out, the content was entirely generic. There was no reason to ever look at it, as it did not have a unique brand, nor did it have anything interesting to say.

  7. In fairness they were trying to do a lot with little or no resources. Just because the corporate badge was there doesn’t mean there were funds. ACTIVATEcomix had a significant presence there for a while, but the what good content there was was hard to find and clunky to navigate. We couldn’t even get usage stats from them.
    Good luck finding new employment folks.

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