On the same day that the studio officially announced that Matt Reeves would be taking over directorial duties on The Batman, it looks like there’s another Gotham-based movie in the works…beyond Gotham City Sirens I mean.

Per THR, it’s been reported that Chris McKay, director of the rather popular The Lego Batman Movie, is now in negotiations with Warner Bros. to bring Nightwing to the big screen in a solo adventure. The script is already being handled by The Accountant scribe, Bill Dubuque.

This is just the latest film announced by the studio that will populate the DC Films slate, overseen by Geoff Johns and Jon Berg. Here’s what’s been announced so far:

  • Obviously this year we’re getting Wonder Woman and Justice League – and likely a sequel for the latter, unless things go really topsy-turvy
  • 2018 will definitely bring us, barring any unforeseen shutdown, Aquaman, which begins filming this April
  • The Flash is still in need of a director after Rick Famuyiwa exited the project, if it happens, it likely won’t make that 2018 mark that many were expecting
  • The Suicide Squad sequel is also on the horizon with Mel Gibson in initial talks to helm
  • The Batman, as noted above, has just secured Matt Reeves
  • Gotham City Sirens, directed by David Ayer, is in the works for a date TBD
  • Shazam! looks to have found its director in David Sandberg
  • A Black Adam spinoff movie has also been announced
  • Last year came word that Doug Liman was lined up to direct a “Justice League Dark/Dark Universe” film
  • Green Lantern Corps is currently being written by David Goyer and Justin Rhodes
  • And of course, the Cyborg movie that I’m basically setting my entire 2020 around. (there’s other rumblings of a Man of Steel sequel, a Deadshot spinoff, and a Lobo movie too, but not a lot has really materialized for those)

Lots of announcements to parse through there, I hope some of them do indeed come to pass.


  1. When I saw the headline I thought it was going to be a Lego Nightwing movie, which I thought was an odd choice.

    Still probably a better choice than a Nightwing live action movie though. And I like Nightwing as a character – I just don’t see the appeal of live action Nightwing given that we haven’t really ever gotten a decent live action Robin to care about yet (save for Burt Ward, of course).

  2. I agree. I would rather meet Robin as a character first instead of skipping over all of that back story (unless they take the approach of positioning the character with no connection to Batman at all which I would not be opposed to).

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