Imagine a world where every planet has a door that leads to other worlds. And each door has a doorman – an old timey porter who lets you in and out with a smile and a good day.

That’s the premise of The Doorman by writers Eliot Rahal and Daniel Kibblesmith and artist Kendall Goode.  Kiibblesmith is the writer of the Valiant High digital first title that lauched yesterday but he’s also known for his comedy writing, and do-authoring the book How to Win At Everything. Rahal has worked on various titles for Dark Horse and other publishers, and Goode is a newcomer whose name won’t be unknown for long based on this. The Doorman was originally published by Heavy Metal as a four issue mini series, and the collected edition was due to come out this week – however it’s been pushed back to March 22.

But just so you dont’ get your entry delayed, here’s a sneak read of first issue of The Doorman in which we meet Henry Clay Waters, the porter for Earth’s door. He’s about to retire – if an interplanetary assassin doesn’t take him out first.

The print edition of the complete  The Doorman goes on sale March 22.

Doorman 1 Review Copy by Heidi MacDonald on Scribd