The Jordan Peele-produced The Twilight Zone revival is now confirmed to also be hosted by Peele. I honestly can’t think of anyone more perfect, since his film Get Out struck that perfect balance of subtle sci fi and paranoid thriller that made it feel like an extended episode of the show.

Check out the first teaser:

Unfortunately, it’s going to be a CBS All Access exclusive. But if they keep coming up with intriguing sci fi shows to put on it, maybe I’ll finally embrace it.

The final unanswered question is, of course, who will publish the inevitable comic tie-in? It was previously published by Dell, Gold Key, Now Comics, and Dynamite. Who’s next?

By the way, have you ever noticed the resemblance between the logo above…and this one?


  1. I suspect the Hate-Monger story in FF No. 21 (Dec. 1963) was inspired by the Twilight Zone episode “He Lives,” which aired in Jan. 1963.

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