Day 4 of Funko’s latest wave of NYCC exclusives. Late yesterday, Funko unveiled its television related exclusives including a Married with Children action figure set of the Bundy family. If it’s as popular as the Golden Girls set from the a few years ago, it’s sure to sell out fast, sure to be great product to flip for a profit. My personal favorite is the Jan Brady and George Glass two-pack. Of course, as we learned from A Very Brady Sequel movie that there is in fact a boy named George Glass who eventually becomes Jan’s real boyfriend. I’m just really curious if the two-pack is priced as a regular single Pop! figure or double. and if the latter who’s willing to pay twice as much for half a product!

As for today’s goodies, Funko revealed its Disney, Anime, and Movies related merch. Disney Afternoon continues to get some love with Shere Khan figure as he was depicted as a ruthless business in TaleSpin voiced by the incomparable Tony Jay. Dragonball Z fans will definitely love the 6″ Greate Ape Vegeta. And of course, Wes Anderson aficionados will likely appreciate seeing characters from The Royal Tenenbaums and Rushmore available.

Action Figure: Married with Children (Target)



Pop! TV: New Girl –  CeCe Parekh (FYE)


Pop! TV: Brady Bunch – Jan & George Glass (Books-A-Million)

Pop! TV: Doctor Who – Vashta Nerada (Hot Topic)



Pop! TV: SNL – Doug & Steve Butabi (Barnes & Noble)


Pop! TV: The Flash – Killer Frost (Hot Topic)


Pop! TV: Supergirl – Supergirl (Barnes & Noble)


Mini Vinyl Figures: Disney – Mickey Mouse (2-pack) (B&W) (Amazon)


Pop! Disney: Mickey’s 90th – Whirlwind Mickey (Walmart)


Pop! Disney: KH3 – Sora as Guardian (Walmart)


Pop! Disney: TaleSpin – Shere Khan with Hands Together (GameStop/ EB Games)


Pop! Rides: Toy Story – Pizza Planet truck (BoxLunch)


Pop! Animation: One Piece – Brook (Hot Topic)


Pop! Animation: Tokyo Ghoul – Eto in Bandages (Hot Topic)


Pop! Animation: DBZ – 6″ Great Ape Vegeta (Hot Topic)


Pop! Animation: DBZ- Vegeta (Blue Chrome) (Toy Tokyo)


Rock Candy: The Shining – The Grady Twins (Target)


Rock Candy: The Royal Tenenbaums – Margot (Funko Shop)


Vynl.: Rushmore – Max Fischer and Herman Blume (BoxLunch)


Vynl.: Coming To America – Akeem & Randy (Target)


Vynl.: Gremlins – Gremlins in 3D Glasses (GameStop/EB Games)


Pop! Movies: Coraline – Coraline in PJs (Hot Topic)


Pop! Movies: The Predator – Fugitive Predator (Books-A-Million)