Captain (and Klingon) on the bridge! Entertainment Earth has added preorder pages for two new figures in the Star Trek: The Next Generation Ultimates series by Super7: Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Lieutenant Worf! Both of these 7-inch, highly articulated figures are scheduled for release in about one year, in April 2024.

TNG Ultimates

Both Picard and Worf come with multiple heads and hands, along with plenty of accessories. Additional accessories include phasers, The Globe Illustrated Shakespeare (included with Picard), and a Bat’leth (included with Worf).

Plus, each character comes with their trademark beverage (Earl Gray and prune juice, respectively). These will come in especially handy if you also acquire the third TNG Ultimates figure currently available for preorder, Guinan, and decide to recreate a scene set in Ten Forward.

Guinan even comes with plenty of drink accessories to facilitate this setup. And just in case that pesky Q shows up again, the Guinan figure accessories include the “Q fightin’ hands”… You know the ones I mean.

First Contact in April 2024

The Captain Picard, Worf, and Guinan TNG Ultimates figures are currently available for preorder at Entertainment Earth, each with a price tag of around $55. Plus, there are plenty of other Star Trek collectibles, including action figures of several Star Trek: Prodigy characters.

She tends bar and she listens.

Are you hoping to add one (or several) of these figures to your collection? Have you filed your yearly dues with the Collector’s Guild? Is chamomile tea as much a warrior’s drink as prune juice?

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