Do you have a reader who is a fan of Dog Man by Dav Pilkey and Narwhal and Jelly by Ben Clanton? How about Pizza and Taco by Stephen Shaskan and Investigators by John Patrick Green? Is said reader looking for new graphic novels to devour? Never fear! Here’s a roundup of some scintillating books for young readers from Random House Graphic, along with a brief description for each from the publisher.

Marshmallow Martians: Show and Smell

Random House Graphic

“In Marshmallow Martians: Show and Smell by Deanna Kent and Neil Hooson, the Marshmallow Martians learn about something called ‘show and smell.’ (Does that sound right? It sure doesn’t smell right!) They go in search of Earth’s smelliest smells to bring back to their home planet.”

Check out a preview of Show and Smell

Marshmallow Martians: Earth School will arrive from Random House Graphic on July 25th, 2023.

Tiger Trouble (Tig and Lily Book 1)

Tiger Trouble (Tig and Lily Book 1) by Dan Thompson asks, “What makes a tiger, a tiger? Is it the stripes? The roar? This is something that Lily, the tiger at the local zoo, has never had to worry about – until she meets the fiercest animal of them all. Tig might look like a house cat, might sound like a house cat, but Tig knows he is a tiger. The competition is on as these two cats figure out what it means to be a tiger and a friend.”

Random House Graphic will release Party Animals (Tig and Lily Book 2) on September 19th, 2023.

Jurassic Jeff: Space Invader

Jurassic Jeff: Space Invader by Royden Lepp asks, “Dinosaurs, aliens, and world domination?! Introducing a graphic series about what it means to be a friend (and how to take over the world!)–perfect for fans of Cat Kid Comic Club, and Investigators.

“Jeff has one mission and one mission only: to take over the world . . . too bad he crash lands on planet Earth a few million years too early.”

Housecat Trouble: Lost and Found

Random House Graphic

Housecat Trouble: Lost and Found by Mason Dickerson, “Your favorite housecat is back and braver than ever! But when a lost kitten turns up, can Buster and his friends help it find its way home? This funny chapter-book graphic-novel series returns with more hijinks and even more cats!

“Buster has been around the block–literally! After an adventure outside his home to help his owner, Buster now finds himself in the position of helping a lost little cat. Buster, Nova, and Chauncey take to the streets to find the cat’s owner. But this strange stray turns out to be a ghost, and a reunion with its owner is going to be a lot harder than they thought! Will Buster and his friends have what it takes to reunite this lost cat and its owner?”

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