In Marshmallow Martians: Show and Smell by Deanna Kent and illustrated by Neil Hooson, available now from Penguin Random House, young readers will be introduced to an out-of-this-world team of extraterrestrials!

Today, The Beat is pleased to present a preview of Show and Smell. Scroll down past the article to check it out!

Marshmallow Martians: Show and Smell

Here’s the description of Show and Smell from the publisher’s website:

“Meet the Marshmallow Martians: a group of curious aliens who can’t get enough of planet Earth! This hilarious, fast-paced graphic chapter book will tickle young readers’ funny bones!

“In this adventure, the Martians–along with their space cat, space dog, and marshmallow robot assistant–learn about something called “show and smell.” (Does that sound right? It sure doesn’t smell right!) They go in search of Earth’s smelliest smells to bring back to their home planet, Moop. Where will they find the best smells? An amusement park, of course!

“This silly graphic chapter book, with its ensemble of lovable Martians, will have kids ages 5 to 8 laughing out loud while gaining confidence in reading. Graphic chapter books serve as a great bridge to graphic novels and longer chapter books.”

Available now!

Marshmallow Martians: Show and Smell is available now at your local bookstore and/or public library. Will you be tracking down this silly comic?

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Marshmallow Martians

Marshmallow Martians

Marshmallow Martians

Marshmallow Martians