Can’t wait to see what happens after that last traumatic scene of season 1.0 when Rick shoots Sophia and the rest of the zombies in the barn? The first three minutes of The Walking Dead’s February 12th premiere have just been put online and we’ll give you three guesses what happens:

1) Sophia comes back to life and hugs her mom.

2) Everyone sits down to tea and a hearty lunch.

3) Misery, axes to heads, scowling, stomping.


  1. cool beans. I found the mid-season finale especially gripping. The last few minutes I was immobile, with my mouth hanging open.

    I’ve given my fair share of shit comments to the series, but I have to say, that it has me coming back every week.

    And enjoying it.


  2. Oh no! I was waiting to watch the show on DVD when it came out! I guess spoilers are to be expected at this point – especially for folks who don’t have cable and are behind the times.