As Walt Whitman might put it, Jaden Smith “contain[s] multitudes.” The son of Will Smith, Jaden is an actor, prolific tweeter, and a self-proclaimed future k-pop star. While he’s figuring out how to navigate that last bit though, he’s also making progress on his rap career.

In a new music video for his song “Batman,” Smith gives viewers a fascinating look inside of his singular mind. In conceit, the video casts the rapper as a version of Bruce Wayne whose playboy attributes are turned up to eleven as Jaden raps about Teslas and Porsches and apparently, at the end of the song, steals a million dollars from a bank he was supposedly protecting.

We see Jaden don a white batsuit a la Mother Panic and dance down busy LA streets, getting into spontaneous fights and dance-offs with street performers dressed as Superman, Batman, and Spider-Man. And all the credits are in Italian for some reason.

Perhaps the most surprising thing about this whole affair is that, in my opinion, the song is…fine. I personally can’t make heads or tails of the message behind it, but it’s a well-produced track with a video that captivates even when it fails to inspire. It also has the most fascinating sample of all time: the sound of ice cubes being swirled in a glass underlies the entire track.


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