Over at Warren Ellis’s blog, a preview of HALF MOON, a new collaboration with Michael Avon Oeming that will feature a space girl:

We’re working in realtime on this one. We agreed on the general concepts just a couple of hours ago, and will spend the next few days in development on it, to see what we’ve actually got. So I thought, and Mike agreed, it might be interesting to open the process out and let you see a bit of the sausage-making. As it were

Ellis has a long interest in all things spacey, including his previous GNs ORBITER and MINISTRY OF SPACE. Oeming’s touch brings a whole new look to this, however.


Much more info in the link.


  1. Hmp. MY “space girl” can beat up Warren’s and Michael’s space girl.

    Alright, seriously, I’m as much looking forward to see how this develops as anyone.

  2. Oh, goody goody gumdrops. Yet another sign that either Bendis or Oeming or both aren’t serious about getting Powers back on a regular schedule. (rolls eyes)