Lost in some of The Walking Dead behind the scenes excitement and chart topping sales, is the human element: the Zombie Walk will be coming back to San Diego Comic-Con this year. As you may recall, this was an event held at PetCo Park which enabled you to scramble for safety through an obstacle course. Those who made the run said it was a lot of fun. The course for 2013 will be bigger and deadlier, with a Herd Highway, Prison Gauntlet and Hospital Hell. Really, this is just a renamed version of getting IN to Comic-Con, right?

The Walking Dead Escape obstacle course is actually being franchised out. One will be held in March in Philadelphia. Honestly, do they even need to put up a course? Any regular Saturday night in Phillie can be just as challenging.

To get in on the fun i San Diego there is a waiting list to get ticket information. Sign up at thewalkingdeadescape.com.

If you just can’t get enough hiding from zombies, there’ also going to be a Walking Dead cruise later this year. This is not an official Walking Dead event. Do zombies like shuffleboard? We’ll find out.


  1. Last year’s iteration sold out, at concert ticket prices, so this isn’t that big of a surprise.

    I believe most modern ballparks have a similar layout to Petco Park, or at least broad concourses. Most baseball teams have long away stretches of a week or more, so this could move in and out rather quickly around the country, just like a rock concert.

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