Today sees the release of Demon Knights #20 from DC, written by Robert Venditti and drawn by Bernard Chang. And Chang is so excited about the book that he’s set up a competition for fans — with the 20 winners each receiving one of his 20 pages of original art from the book.


Look at ’em all! To win one of these pages, readers are asked to buy six copies of Demon Knights from the store later today, and then take a photo of themselves holding all six. You can do whatever you want with the extra copies once they’re bought – hand them out to other people in the store, give them to friends, or turn them into an origami Vandal Savage. Anything!

Chang also wants a second photo, a close-up of the receipt showing purchase of all six issues along with the name of the retailer. Send these to him on twitter, or email them to him, and once he confirms with the retailer that everything is legitimate, a page will be yours!

The first 20 people to do so after 9am PT will each earn a page. It’s a nifty little promotional idea, and a neat move from Chang. The cost of buying six issues is nowhere near the value of a complete page of original art, especially from somebody like Bernard Chang. And Demon Knights is a fun series, so at the end of everything you’ll have something good to read, too.


  1. This is my fav NEW 52 book! I love what Paul has done with it and I have high hopes for Robert Venditti (whose an old con pal). Bernard Chang’s art is outta sight. If you have not tried it get the first trade and buy the latest issues.

  2. I do enjoy the book, and love how they did a big event fight scene in Avalon in one issue!

    Not to sound snarky, but I wonder how many stores stock six or more copies of Demon Knights?

  3. If it generates sales and buzz, hey, why not?

    I won’t be buying 6 copies of any comic book, so I will not be eligible. I am saving money and allowing someone else to win.

  4. I will be damned impressed if somebody buys six copies of Demon Knights #20 today. Especially how #20 won’t ship for another 4 months!

    (Issue #16 came out today.)

  5. Much respect to Chang for trying to keep the book going, but it was tanking even when Cornell was writing it and I’ve never even heard of the current writer. Maybe he should let the book die and get on a decent Marvel book and do this stunt with a book there that has a prayer of making it another year.

  6. Read the current issue today.. and I’m more excited about this book than I’ve been in months. I’ve always enjoyed this book, but this issue shows the promise that the first issue did… which, as much fun as this book could be in parts, was never quite realized. But this issue sets up so much cool stuff, including some great adversaries, that I’m thrilled all over again. Best book of my week, so far.

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