New Zealand is proud of its role as the home of the Lord of the Rings movies, and now the Hobbit trilogy. And to show it, a a huge statue of Gollum has just been installed at the Wellington airport. Like the rest of the sets, costumes and CGI elements, Gollum was designed by Weta Workshop:

Richard Taylor, the Weta Workshop founder, told The Dominion Post of Wellington, “Wellington Airport feels like the home of Gollum after spending so many months here during the last three films.” According to Weta Workshop, the Gollum installation consists of nine separate components created by 18 sculptors, model makers, painters and other artists. The portion consisting of his head and outstretched arm measures about 42 feet and weighs over 2,500 pounds; each of the three fish he reaches for is about 12 feet long, and modeled on sculptures in Mr. Taylor’s bathroom. (And hopefully those fishes are all that Gollum wants.)

The new sculpture will surely make arriving passengers feel very precious.


  1. Reminds me of the last time I flew out of LAX: I walked into the terminal and there was this giant picture of Megatron’s head bursting through a wall of flames. Just what anyone wants to see right before they get on an airplane, right?

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