Tony Millionaire’s Maakies comic strip is still one of the glories of comics, if you like luscious linework, raucous drunken antics, the tang of salt air and the underlying sadness of like’s uncertainty. And finally after five years, a new collection, Drinky Crow Drinks Again! To celebrate, a trailer has been made, as revealed at THR.

If you have only a moment to spare you must watch this. Put down your Pokemon GO game for just a minute. The video consists of Bob Odenkirk, Andry Richter, Pamela Adlon, Becky Thyre, Mark Maron David Herman and Pendleton Ward reading the book and laughing while Millionaire spies on them. It was made by Rich Dorato and Adam Franklin, and it is perfect, just like Maakies.

A masterpiece.

As pointed out in the THR story by Graeme McMillan, Maakies/Drinky Crow has had a lot of staying power. In addition to a shelf full of books that are still available (and most proudly displayed here at Stately Beat Manor) over the last 20 years the strip has been adapted into cartoons both for SNL and its own Adult swim series. Despite its showbiz dabbling, as Odenkirk, Maron and the crew show, it’s still best experienced the old fashioned way, collated into a handsome printed volume hat can be enjoyed in a variety of settings, with or without Millionaire’s haunting presence.