As we’ve previously mentioned, Derek Kirk Kim is a real hyphenate. Not only is his webcomic TUNE going strong towards a Fall 2012 collection, but he’s just finished posting to YouTube 9 episodes of MYTHOMANIA, a parallel video series following cartoonist Andy Go and his millennial adventures. And now it has a poster!

Mythomania is a dark comedy series about the hopes and (often crushed) dreams of a group of fledgling cartoonists.

Meet Andy Go, an art school drop-out who has always dreamed of making a living as a professional cartoonist. But his path is littered with rejection and many a lonely night drawing while his friends live eventful lives outside of a comic book page. In the first season, Andy finally gets his chance to step out of the “mini-comics” scene to the professional world when a famous cartoonist offers him his first published work. But between a new crush, his roommate’s wild lifestyle, and visits from a peacock (?), it’s a race to the deadline!

Starring Vivian Bang (Yes Man, Better Off Ted), Ace Gibson (The Closer), Jeremy Arambulo, Simone Lamar Carter, Anthony Giambusso, and Chris Peterson. Music by Kyle Newmaster (The Myth of the American Sleepover, Star Wars: The Old Republic). With cameo appearances by Scott McCloud, Jason Shiga, and Jennifer Field. Written and directed by award-winning cartoonist Derek Kirk Kim (Same Difference, The Eternal Smile, Tune).