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Jeff Trexler points to a an European ad for HP Laserjets using some Lollicon imagery that could generate some heat…but hasn’t yet.

Jeff Mason updates his surgery for Crohn’s disease.:

¶ Don’t miss link: Rob Clough delivers a detailed analysis of the MOME generation of cartoonists. [Via Flog]

Chris Butcher wonders “What’s the hottest manga that no one knows about?” prior to this month’s Anime North convention in Toronto

We do a massive set-up for this show, 18 tables in an island, something like 180 feet of frontage the way we set it all up. We try and bring every manga you can think of, because a lot of fans save up for months to come to AN and pick up the manga they love, that they’ve only read about on the internet (or in scaaaaaaaaaaaans) and they want to own it and love it and squee all over it. And we want to have it for them.

Every year we get blindsided by one major title, and it always pisses me RIGHT OFF.

Johnny Bacardi wonders…WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO THE WINTERMEN? a highly regarded but troubled mini-series:

Writer Brett Lewis, who has no Web presence that I can ascertain save his MySpace page, has been steadfastly quiet on the topic. Artist John Paul Leon, when interviewed sometime in early 2007, discussed it a bit and sounded like he was still working on it. So what’s the dilly-o, the scoop, the four one one, the straight dope? Is this thing just sitting on a shelf somewhere while many other less deserving titles clog up comics shop shelves from sea to shining sea? Have Lewis and Leon simply up and ceased to work on it, leaving it in an Andrea Dore-like deserted state? I mean bozhe moi, even the final issue of The Atheist eventually came out!


  1. I emailed John Paul Leon a few months ago about the Wintermen. He said he was halfway through inking the last issue after many, many rewrites, and hoped it would be out by late summer.

  2. Strange, if her breasts had been as large as most super-heroines’ usually are, you’d hear the usual complaints about them being “bigger than her head” yet by having her be relatively flat-chested it’s lolicon.

  3. I’d thought that THE WINTERMEN series got shut down early, but there was going to be a one-shot that would attempt to tie up the loose ends. Really a pity, as that was an outstanding series that didn’t have a hope in hell of surviving the current marketplace.