The Rome News of Georgia delvers a dyspeptic analysis of the Grodon Lee spectacle and the behavior of DA Leigh Patterson:

NOT TO SHOCK Ms. Patterson, or give her another cause for action, we saw the same thing in the flesh (though not Picasso) in an HBO prime time feature recently and suspect quite a few minors did, too, given this was in the context of a patriotic American history presentation. Watching it might even have been a school assignment for some.

Greater Romans, who probably paid this case only limited attention — it’s certainly been eclipsed by the similar long-lasting war against the Entice Adult Store — largely don’t know how much of a new black eye this case has given them. Not only has it been featured in The New York Times and Publishers Weekly, but when the dismissal was announced from the podium at the big New York Comics Con gathering, it brought cheers both long and loud.

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