Continuing DC’s editorial shuffle, it was revealed this week that Mark Doyle, formerly an editor at Vertigo, will replace Mike Marts as Batman Group Editor. Marts left DC to go to Marvel, so there was a big gap to fill.

Doyle is credited with the lion’s share of discovering Scott Snyder, currently the top writer at DC with his Batman work, so this move keep Snyder happy; since Doyle is known as a top notch editor it will keep many other creators happy as well.

It’s NOT a long term fix, however, since word on the street is that Doyle will not be making the move to the West Coast. I haven’t covered The Great Diaspora very much out of respect to the trauma involved in losing your job or moving to a new city, but it does remain a big problem for DC, from what I’ve heard. There are may more departures to be revealed, or not, and a game of chicken is going on with some people announcing they plan to move….while possibly taking advantage of the year waiting time to find a job on their preferred East Coast. Also just how the jobs of the departed will be filled isn’t clear…although interim figures like Doyle are one way of doing it.

I sure hope DC improves enough from being on the West Coast to make all this worth it!

Anyway, congrats to Doyle — running the Bat Office is a big responsibility and I’m sure he’ll do a great job.


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