Should that have been a semicolon instead of a comma in the title? Oh boy, the things I worry about when writing up Mike Carey news. Today! Vertigo have announced a bathful of new books, with an encyclopedia and anthology for Bill Willingham’s Fables coming later this year, followed by a full original graphic novel from the creative team on The Unwritten.


The Fables news first. Building ever more material for Fablescon to revel in, the Fables Encyclopedia will be edited by Jess Nevins, and explore the original origins for all the main castmembers in the main series. It’ll then compare the traditional stories with Willingham’s more modern reinterpretations. Both Willingham and series mainstay Mark Buckingham have annotated the book, exploring the ideas and concepts which made it into Fables – and those which were left by the wayside. Adam Hughes is going to provide a wraparound cover for the book.

Hughes will also be responsible for the cover to Fairest of Them All, a one-off anthology spinning out of the spinoff series Fairest. Yeah, read that sentence three times fast and try to walk in a straight line after. Willingham will be writing all the short stories in this graphic novel, with a range of artists joining him for the stories – including that Adam Hughes feller once again, as well as Chrissie Zullo, Mark Chiarello, and Karl Kerschl.


Tommy Taylor and the Ship That Sank Twice is the new graphic novel written by Mike Carey and laid out by Peter Gross, with Kurt Huggins and Zelda Devon pencilling. Devon, the DC press release reminds me, was the artist behind one of the very best Unwritten issues, which was set in a magical Beatrix Potter nightmare world. Yuko Shimizu will provide the cover for this story, which is as yet unrevealed to the internet. There are no details on the story yet, but this is Mike Carey’s first graphic novel set in the Unwritten universe, and it’ll be interesting to see just how he tackles the project.

…With the correct grammar, I’d imagine. It should’ve been a semicolon, shouldn’t it?


  1. Looks like Vertigo is doubling down on their proven properties, much like how DC is doing the same by continually adding to the better selling Batman and Green Lantern franchises. Can’t say I blame them, it’s a business after all, and business has been decidedly harsh on “new” material. Lots of blame to be shared by different parties for that, but it doesn’t change the facts.

    In any case, definitely looking forward to the Unwritten GN. Carey is a fantastic writer, and this book is currently the only Vertigo series I read.

  2. No comma or semicolon…

    I haven’t kept up with Unwritten as I should, but that Beatrix Potter was one issue I did and it was a great one.

  3. I’m a bit Fabled out–the main series is still good, but isn’t getting me excited like it used to, and I’m not even getting Fairest.

    Unwritten, on the other hand, I still can’t get enough of! For half a second, I thought from the title that this might be a full Tommy Taylor book–now THAT I would like to see.

    And Steve, I think the proper journalistica headline might be “Vertigo Announce Two New Fables Books, Unwritten Graphic Novel”. Your biggest sin being, of course, putting quotation marks around Fables, but not around Unwritten. ;-)

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