With the shock of the lipstick incident behind us, it’s time for the well-received realistic Archie comic to get a “permanent” ongoing artist, and it’s the aptly-named Veronica Fish. Fiona Staples launched the title in high style, Annie Wu drew issue #4 with more style, and Fish has been on starting with last month’s issue #5. She joins writer Mark Waid, colorists Andre Szymanowicz and Jen Vaughn, and letterer Jack Morelli. Issue #6 goes on sale next week, 2/17 and the cover is shown above.

Fish also worked on Howard the Duck, and seems poised to become the latest fresh faced star of Comics 2016.

“I’m very excited. It’s a dream job!” said Fish. “And like all dream jobs comes responsibilities. Even though I do feel quite a bit of pressure I’m trying to focus on how much fun it is.”

“I really enjoy drawing Reggie because his presence shakes everybody up,” said Fish. “He makes good characters like Betty and Archie do things they wouldn’t otherwise.  He is also super layered, and not just a one-dimensional villain.”

Fish is interviewed about her new gig at EW:

One of the reasons that Archie’s new run has become such a runaway hit is due to the modernized style that doesn’t feel out of place — it keeps the aesthetics that made the original series special, while updating the characters and overall look of Riverdale. According to Fish, drawing the Archie world is as much fun to draw inspiration from as it is to illustrate.

“One of the most rewarding experiences of my life was working at an art museum teaching high school students,” she says. “At first I was looking at fashion blogs and clothing catalogs for reference material, but I dropped that because it was thinking about my real-life students that was much more inspiring. Those kids were so fun, so kind to each other and had so many wonderful quirks, it was way more interesting to think about them than ultra-curated images of models.”

There is indeed a stylistic thread between Staples, Wu and Fish and it’s called 2016.


ARCHIE #7 Cover by Veronica Fish – On Sale 3/30


ARCHIE #8 Cover by Veronica Fish – On Sale 5/11


  1. Great news!
    Glad to see the new Archie run doing so well. Especially in digital.
    That’s a good sign.

  2. Veronica, aside from being a talented artist, has comics retailing in her pedigree as well. She worked at the comic store I work for, a bunch of years ago. Very happy she is tearing it up in the comics world now!

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