Vault Comics is celebrating Pride Month with a new title. The publisher launched the exclusive Kickstarter for Sainted Love yesterday, a new series from Steve Orlando, known for his work with both DC and Marvel as well as numerous creator-owned series across publishers, and newcomer and queer cartoonist Giopota. Letters are by Simon Bowland

Sainted Love is, in a lot of ways, the book my whole career’s been building to–it’s unabashed, it’s bold, it’s provocative, and it’s sexy!” said Orlando “It speaks truths through fiction, reveals history through fantasy, and is the proud, ass-kicking adventure that brings together the themes I’ve been building for years across many titles and publishers. Its two heroes crisscrossing to defend not just their love, but all of our loves, and all of our history. And god help anyone who tries to get in their way and erase it!”

Vault shares:

Sainted Love is a steamy time-traveling adventure series, equal parts romance and science fiction as two heroes fight for their love while journeying across centuries of history. It’s sexy, it’s exciting, it’s fast-paced. It’s a gay romance that sees queer heroes become legends themselves as they explore and adventure through iconic times in queer history, from the passion of gay saints Sergius and Bacchusto to the Lavender Mafia of the 1970s, and in between. Irina and Wolf first think they need to return home, but they soon realize that their real calling is elsewhere in time, to places where they’re free to love and exists as who they are and eras that desperately need their help.

Sainted Love is the dream project I didn’t know I needed to work on,” stated Giopota. “This is only my first job ever for the US market and it’s great that I’m having the opportunity to collaborate with a seasoned professional like Steve. I think I immediately clicked with him and found a method that allows us to work smoothly while having fun. Working with Vault Comics, a publisher so attentive to LGBTQIA+ issues makes me really proud, as my commitment to telling queer stories is the engine that drives me to pursue this career. I think the readers will be very entertained by this story, both for the twists and for the more romantic and even spicy scenes.”

“Steve and I have been talking about working together for years. Eventually, I realized that what I wanted from him was a story that focused on the details he’s managed to capture throughout his career, but which publishers have not always given the spotlight” said Vault’s Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief Adrian Wassel. I wanted tangled-up romances and complex friendships, expansive and inventive settings, and gay characters front and center. Once I made myself clear, Steve pitched Sainted Love. Then Giopota came aboard, bringing the warmth and joy of Miyazaki to our tale—and here we are. Our goal is simple: we want Sainted Love to be the most wildly fun and gayest comic we’ve ever made, especially now, in a moment when the ALA is reporting unparalleled numbers of book challenges and calls for censorship. And we’d like to show the world what we know, deep down in our bones: readers want original stories with heroes like Irina and Wolf at the helm.”

Vault Comics Managing Editor Der-shing Helmer added, “It is impossible to separate comics from queerness, and watching Sainted Love proudly add its voice to the chorus has been an absolute joy. I’m incredibly proud of what the team has accomplished with Sainted Love, and excited to share their vision with the world!”

Sainted Love is currently on Kickstarter with exclusive offerings for backers and additional stretch goals and tiers to be unlocked beyond an initial funding goal. Click here to pledge. 

Sainted Love