The Private Eye, the webcomic by Brian K. Vaughan, Marcos Martin and Muntsa Vicente about a world without the internet, is up to the third issue of its planned 10-issue run, but to keep you busy between installments, Panel Syndicate has just released a special 85-page issue of behind the scenes stuff, including Vaughan’s original pitch, concept sketches, and BKVleaks: actual email exchanges between the two creators.

The previous three issues of Private Eye are available, DRM free, in multiple languages in a “pay what you want” format that has proved many people want to pay something, according to Vaughan.

Although at first avoiding any social media footprint, Panel Syndicate is now available on Twitter and Facebook.

Here’s a sneak peek at the behind-the-scenes material:





  1. admittedly, i’ve fallen behind on this series, but this behind the scenes stuff looks awesome. A nice reminder to catch up later tonight!

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