Remember how DC is having their mature and genteel “WTF Month,” where the cover is supposed to fold out and make you swear in shock and exasperation… and if children still read DC comics, presumably get your mouth washed out with soap?

Well, it looks like Valiant’s getting in on that action.  Here’s the Tom Fowler pencils for the gatefold cover of Archer & Armstrong #0.

Archer and armstrong #0

Now, technically speaking, a gatefold is an extra fold past what DC is doing to their promotion.  If you go to the fold on the far right and see an archer with Armstrong and the Eternal Warrior, back in ancient times… that’s the same effect.


  1. I like what Valiant is doing and that cover looks really good. The Funny thing is Valiant’s books have had better stories this past year than the big 2.

  2. “Remember how DC is having their mature and genteel “WTF Month,””

    yes, Grandma Allen, they are. you don’t get out in the real world much, do you, pal?

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