Long delayed, the second volume of Vasilis Lolos’s LAST CALL will come out February 13th from Oni Press. It’s the story of two friends who are trapped on a devilish train and the mysteries that ensue. Lolos hasn’t had nearly enough work out lately; it’s good to see his stylish art once more.

Although the book has been long finished, one last setback delayed it again:

For those wondering, this book has been finished for quite some time now and delivered to the printer right on schedule. The reason for the delay from the original release date was due to a destructive fire at the printer. It has taken weeks, but it looks like they are getting back up to capacity and we couldn’t be happier. We are glad no one was seriously injured.

For those who are just jumping on board, here’s information on Volume 1.


  1. Unfortunately Lolo considers Pirates dead and never getting finished.

    Which of course is a damn shame. But Rick Spears can’t get that finished, we never did see a sequel to Teenagers From Mars, more never to be finished heartbreak.

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