Put on your cozy pants and hop on the couch for a good, warm night of reading, because Valérie Minelli‘s über-popular webcomic is coming to print! Debuting in February from Oni Press, The Mrs. Frollein Collection: Small Hours will feature several fan-favorite strips, as well as 30 never-before-seen comics.

“I’m so excited to see this book that I worked so hard on in print for the first time,” said Minelli in a statement. “I put all my heart in it and hope everybody who reads it will get the same warm, fuzzy feeling that I had while drawing it.”

Minelli’s Mrs. Frollein comics, which are as heartfelt and earnest as they are hilarious, are internationally loved for how they handle some of life’s most mundane, yet memorable moments. At time of writing, Minelli has amassed upwards of 421 thousand followers on Instagram @mrs.frollein, where she posts new strips on a regular basis and has done since she created the comic in 2016.

“The first time I read a Mrs. Frollein comic, it felt like Christmas lights turning on in my brain,” said editor Jasmine Amiri. “It’s been a blast working with Valérie Minelli and seeing all the thoughtful touches and additions she’s brought to this first collection. I’m truly excited to present Val’s adorable, warmhearted comics to an even wider audience with Small Hours.”

In addition to collecting comic strips old and new, The Mrs. Frollein Collection: Small Hours will also feature a foreword from Jonathan Kunz and Elizabeth Pich. The book will be available online and in stores on February 18, 2020. You can pre-order from your local bookstore today. (Note: this collection was originally solicited for November 2019, but has been pushed back. Not all release dates online have been updated to reflect this change.)

Mrs. Frollein Mrs. Frollein

The Mrs. Frollein Collection: Small Hours

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