Also in keeping with this special day of love, after a troubling seven-year stretch in which they were separated, Barbie and Ken are together again. Although they had dated steadily since their days as surfers together in Malibu in the early ’60s, they gradually drifted apart over the years. After Barbie left Ken for Blaine, another, younger surfer dude, Ken entered an “experimental” period that involved Fire Island, waxing, and watching Glee. But it’s been announced — just in time for Toy Fair — that these two dolls are really soulmates in vinyl.

It’s believed that the time the duo spent together while filming TOY STORY 3 created an atmosphere that allowed love to rekindle.

To celebrate the reunion, Mattel is offering a $5 toy set to recall the prices — and tans — of the ’60s.



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  1. When I was a kid, when we played Shipwrecked Barbies we used to make Ken climb the palm trees naked to pick coconuts. I’m glad they are reunited and Barbie has her coconut picker back.