The Angel from Daniel J. Kramer on Vimeo.

Hero Complex has debuted a holiday themed motion comic called “The Angel” by Dean Haspiel and Daniel J. Kramer with a soundtrack by Moby. Since it was created to be a motion comic it’s actually entertaining! It’s kind of an animation/poetry/music video mashup more than a comic, but we’re not really keeping score at this point.



  1. The for the cheer, Heidi.

    THE ANGEL has had two other iterations:

    “The Angel” original ACT-I-VATE comic by Dean Haspiel:​109.comic

    “The Angel” Dean Haspiel and Seth Kushner collaboration via CulturePOP:​104-15.comic

  2. Why is it that motion comic technology hasn’t changed at all since the 80s music video for Alan Parsons “Don’t Answer Me”. Anyone?

  3. Great job, crew! I really liked this quite a bit– and I’m glad to see that folks are still experimenting with whatever it is we’re calling a “motion comic” these days.

    I still think it’s a viable/artistic platform that can be used for some cool storytelling– but it’s going to require that someone out there continue to experiment and play around with the format– Keep it up, guys– I’ll keep watching them!