Vaentine’s Day Special: Love and Romance with…Dean Haspiel

Dean Haspiel’s FEAR, MY DEAR: A Billy Dogma Experience is coming out this spring from Z2 Comics —- it’s a thick, juicy collection of Haspiel’s Fear my Dear comics which originally ran on Act-i-vate and it’s a pulse pounding record of fear, romance, rejection, and reconciliation.

Haspiel can be seen talking about the book in a video on his Amazon author page. Sadly Amazon doesn’t allow you to embed these things, so you’ll have to take my word for how good it is. Here’s a few bot mots for the season though:

“In a metaphorical way, my personal life leaks into the story of Billy Dogma.”

“The emotion behind the book, FEAR, MY DEAR, truly expresses how hard it is to have a relationship.”
“And I feel like love breaks down a lot in FEAR, MY DEAR and they (Billy & Jane) keep trying to figure out how to love each other better.”
Love…it’s that time of year.

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