Comics on TV! An emerging trend. While The WB and the Walking Dead-iverse seem to have been having the most success on broadcast TV, IDW is getting into the game with Brooklyn Animal Control, the comics by JT Petty (Splinter Cell) and Stephen Thompson is in development as a pilot at USA Network, with Petty producng along with David S. Goyer (“Batman v Superman”), Circle of Confusion’s Rick Jacobs (“Spare Parts”) and David Alpert (“Walking Dead”), and IDW Entertainment’s David Ozer and Ted Adams (“30 Days of Night”) as executive producers.
Although the title suggests some kind of SPCA task force, the animals under control in the book are werewolves, as it follows the activities of the NYPD division tasked with dealing with New York’s lycanthropic citizens. According to pr, it’s a family drama that deals with “city politics, immigrant communities, and families divided by ambition, secrecy, and tradition.”

“Fans of the comic book know that ‘Brooklyn Animal Control’ is a thriller anchored inside the world of New York organized crime families,” said Jackie de Crinis, executive vp original programming for USA. “At its core, it is a family drama, albeit an unconventional one.”

USA also picked up Poor Richards Almanack, a are non-comics derived property about a modern day group of “founding fathers.”



  1. I’ve gotten at least a dozen requests already today to purchase this “book.” They won’t believe me when I tell them there is no “book,” because it is a digital-only web series. “But here’s the article where it says it is a ‘comic book’ from IDW.”

  2. there is no “book,” because it is a digital-only web series
    @David Unlikely:
    Yeah, thanks : That’s really the only interesting thing about the story – too bad nobody “reporting” (including Deadline) bother to mention.

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