What would you do if when you died, instead of passing away, you got uploaded into the cloud where you lived in a nice computer-generated afterlife? Upload looks at the emerging technology of the near future and crafts a satirical and slightly worrying image of the future. Created by Greg Daniels, the sci-fi rom-com wears many hats and moving into its second season, the show tackles more world-building, politics, uprising, capitalism, and even resurrection.
We spoke with Daniels and the cast about the second season to see what was going on in their minds for this second season. With Daniels, we asked about the effect of COVID on the series, and how he balances a story about a sci-fi drama with elements of romance in Upload. He also talked about which character he would like to explore more if given the chance.
We also spoke with Robbie Amell, Andy Allo, Allegra Edwards, Kevin Bigley, and Zainab Johnson about their characters and relationships. They discuss what kind of lessons did they learned from this second season of filming and they talk about the most worrying technology that has emerged from the universe of the show.
Check out our interviews below!
Upload Season 2 is now on Prime Video!