Well, this is a Christmas story with a happy twist: Cosmic Comics is not closing. Owner Mark Friedman wrote in to the Beat yesterday:

Thanks for all the kind words about my store, but the reports of its demise are premature. Cosmic Comics closed because my partner and I wanted to retire (we are both in our 60’s and have interests outside of comics). Sales have gone down significantly in the past few years. I suppose the high cost of individual issues, combined with a bad economy are the logical culprits, but our store was and is still profitable. Indeed, we have just completed a deal to keep the store open under new ownership, starting January 1st. So thanks again for the nice remembrances, but please keep patronizing the store

Good news, and all the nice remembrances give this story a very nice glow. SVA students, your comics shop is still around!


  1. I miss cosmic comics. I use to go there every week for about 4 or 5 years. It sucks the original owners are not there but I’m happy it is still sells comics. the only that has changed about me is my age but my love of comics and the heroes and villains in them will never change!