Snowtober didn’t drive them away, and now that the weather has warmed up again, Occupy Wall Street is going strrong — and now with added superheroes. but not just any superheroes, but the characters from THE ADVENTURES OF UNEMPLOYED MAN, a GN anthology that came out last year. Written by Gan Golan and Erich Origen, with art by Ramona Fradon, Michael Netzer, and Rick Veitch, the book was way ahead of all this 1% vs 99% rhetoric with the story of an unemployed man who gathers a team of misfit superheroes to fight the self-interested villains from the Hall of Just Us. (And why not be way ahead of it since income inequality has been a looming issue for years?)

Golan has thought of all kinds of ways to promote the book, including yesterday’s Halloween parade down at OWS. The heroes included “undocumented worker Fantasma, student-debt-burdened Master of Degrees, Captain Generica and Wonder Mother” and (seen above with Unemployed Man) Krug Man, a wondrous economist who says “I told you so” over and over.

THE ADVENTURES OF UNEMPLOYED MAN has a permanent place in the OWS library, as a reference work. And Golan and Origen are in talks for an animated Unemployed Man series.






Photos by Bryan Derballa/Wired.com — many more in the first link.


  1. Unemployed Man impressed me way more than I thought it would. Great book! Hilarious and hits every target it aims at.