Busy news day for alternative press right in the middle of the flurry of news coming out of San Diego Comic-Con. Both Avery Hill Publishing and Breakdown Press, two respected UK publishers, have announced upcoming graphic novels and comics for the Fall.

First, Avery Hill will be releasing It’s Cold in the River at Night by Alex Potts in November. Potts has released many short comics over the years and this is his first foray into long-form storytelling.  The story will revolve around a man who embarks on a search for the last practitioner of an ancient local tradition to escape the pressures of his relationship with his girlfriend. His search won’t yield the results he’s hoping for though. The description of the graphic novels as a “psychological drama and a coming-of-age tale, where the protagonist is too old to come of age, doesn’t experience any personal growth and is instead pushed to the brink of his sanity“. This aspect of a coming-of-age story without the growth has huge potential. Sometimes, people just don’t change easily or quickly, so it’ll be interesting to see what Potts does with his premise. You can see some preview pages below.

Breakdown Press has also announced four new comics that are ready for pre-order, these include new comics by Liam Cobb, Antoine Cossé, the latest issue of Klaus by Richard Short and the latest issue of Jon Chandler’s John’s Worth. Additionally, Good News Bible, an annotated collection of Shaky Kane’s 80’s and 90’s comics he did for Deadline magazine, as well as the first issue of a fantastic new sci-fi anthology called Berserker with work by Anya Davidson, Benjamin Marra, Lando and Lane Milburn and essays by even more artist including Sammy Harkham and many more.

Fantagraphics has begun distribution of a handful of Breakdown Press titles in North America, but there has not yet been any words as to whether those titles would be distributed by them just yet. Breakdown Press has been releasing phenomenal work these past couple years and these new titles looks incredibly refreshing and novel. Pre-orders are open until August 15th.



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