Holiday House always has a slew of top graphic novels for young readers, and this spring is no different. The Small Press Spotlight this week lists a few to check out soon. 

Holiday House

Table Titans Club by Scott Kurtz (Holiday House, for ages 8–12, on sale 3/5/24)

Growing pains, game-play adventure, and 20-sided dice abound in this new graphic novel series about a middle school Dungeon & Dragons club. Set in the same universe as the Eisner Award-winning webcomic PvP, Scott Kurtz’s artwork blends zany, fantastical visuals with slice-of-life humor. For fans of fantasy and coming-of-age stories alike, Table Titans finds humor, heart, and adventure in a tale of friendship and finding your people.

Holiday House

The Best Worst Camp Out Ever (I Like to Read® Comics) by Joe Cepeda (Holiday House, for ages 4–8, on sale 4/30/24)

In Joe Cepeda’s first early reader comic a boy and his father go on a camping trip! Despite one disaster after another, in the end, father and son agree it was their best weekend ever! Simple text and comic-book style illustrations support comprehension in this delightful book, ideal for first graders. Like the father in the book, Joe Cepeda is of Hispanic heritage and he loves going camping with his son.

Bunnybirds #1 by Natalie Linn (Holiday House, for ages 8–12, on sale 5/28/24)

In this animal fantasy graphic novel perfect for fans of blockbuster series like Warriors and Wings of Fire, Princess Aster must leave home to discover why her people are disappearing—even if it means journeying over the rim of the world itself. As Aster journeys from home and experiences the world, she must learn to dream up her own vision of what happiness looks like for her and question the age-old traditions among which she was raised. A sweet but sweeping graphic novel adventure, comics artist Natalie Linn’s debut offers readers a richly imagined animal world full of magic, danger, and excitement.