Does your young reader need new books? Holiday House has some fresh titles to check out. This week’s Small Press Spotlight offers a glimpse at some graphic novels available now from the publisher.

Holiday House

Mossy and Tweed: Double Trouble (I Like to Read® Comics) by Mirka Hokkanen (Holiday House, for ages 4–8, $14.99) 

In the second Mossy and Tweed adventure, Double Trouble, a unicorn vs. goat conflict takes center stage. Mossy and Tweed set out to help their friend, Wise Old Unicorn, realize the Gnose Woods needs him too after a new shiny unicorn appears. Cozy Scandinavian illustrations, oodles of “oopsies,” and easy-to-read banter are sure to delight in this series for emerging readers.

Holiday House

Bizard the Bear Wizard by Chrissie Krebs (Margaret Ferguson Books, for ages 8-10, $20.99)

From the talented author-illustrator Chrissie Krebs comes the first of two hilarious younger graphic novels about a bear who gains extraordinary magical powers when a wizard’s wand becomes stuck in his head. Bear is none too pleased to look like a cross between a bear and a unicorn, even worse, he now has the ability to grant wishes—something he wants no part of. But when the evil wolf and his bad guys threaten them all, Bizard knows it’s time to embrace his magical destiny. Only he and his newly wanded-head can save the day now.

Holiday House

Stories of the Islands by Clar Angkasa (Holiday House, for ages 8–12, $22.99)

In this collection of reimagined Indonesian fairy tales, the girls are the ones with power. Because why should girls in folktales always need saving? Based on debut graphic novelist Clar Angkasa’s favorite childhood stories and gorgeously illustrated with a dedicated color palette for each tale, this retelling of “Keong Mas,” “Bawang Merah Bawang Putih,” and “Timun Mas” is filled with spectacular landscapes, deep emotions, and a firm belief in the power of girls’ stories.

Be That Way by Hope Larson (Margaret Ferguson Books/Holiday House, for ages 14 & up, $22.99)

Written in journal format interspersed with collage, comic panels, and full-color illustrations, Be That Way is Eisner-Award-winning author and illustrator Hope Larson’s first offering for YA audiences. Seventeen-year-old Christine keeps a journal of an eventful year in her life in the mid-90s while juggling troubled friendships and looking for love. This powerful coming-of-age story is set in a time before the Internet that explores themes of betrayal, first love, self-expression, and the power of art.