We’re going to be frightfully busy today so very very little posting.

In the meantime…PIRATES!





  1. Heidi, I have to say….

    Usually, you’re so all over the Johnny Dep / Pirates news – but with all the other events eating bandwidth ye’ olde Pirates has been on the backburner (which I understand).

    Perhaps some shirtless Dep (as seen in the film all tattooed and lovely) could grace SBM… as was 300, and UFC…?

  2. Ah, Pirates! I’ve got my tickets already, and my wife is changing into her pirate costume after work. Then we get to stand in line for several hours and eat food court pizza for dinner.

    Last year, waiting in line for Dead Man’s Chest, there were about three groups of people in costumes, including a full crew of about 10. I’m curious to see whether the cosplayers will be out in similar force this year.


    Where is your report of hilarity and backyard brawls?

    Yar, ’tis a shameful t’ing ye do here, ignoring the pugilist heart that beats beneath yer scurvy breast!

  4. I have seen the new pirates movie, and I loved it. Yes, there was alot going on in it, but what a truly wonderful ending. I would have never thought to do something like that. So romantic and sad, yet unconventional. They took some big chances, but I’m glad they did. Who needs the same old movie ending?

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